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Education after F.Sc Pre-Medical

Bahawalpur, Pakistan
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    5 Feb 2013
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Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical sciences (Last date for form submission) 03008391413 Five years degree program Offered by The Islamia University of Bahawalpur. Eligibility: F.Sc. Pre-Medical This program is approved and recognized by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Federal Ministry of Health Pakistan and National Council for Homeopathy Pakistan BHMS is equal to M.Sc in general stream for employment in BPS-17 and for Higher education Additional B.Sc degree is awarded after passing Second year exam OPPORTUNITIES FOR BHMS PROFESSIONALS Eligible for self dependent, honorable and successful clinical practice throughout Pakistan Eligible for jobs of Homeopathic Doctor in Government and private hospitals Eligible for Post of Lecturer (BPS-18) in Homeopathic department of University Eligible for different jobs of BPS-17 in Government sector (e.g Many BHMS Professionals are working as School health and Nutrition Supervisors in Health department punjab Government) Eligible for various jobs inØ Pharmaceutical companies Vast scope of self business as HomeopathicØ medicine manufacturer Eligible for jobs, clinical practice and higherØ education in foreign countries Eligible for PGD, M.Phil and Ph.D in variousØ fields e.g Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Psychology, Gynecology, Bioinformatics, Phytomedicine, Food and Nutrition, community Medicine and Epidemiology etc OBJECTIVES OF BHMS Pakistan is a developing country and majority of its population is devoid of sufficient health facilities. For this reason, there is need for a system of Alternative Medicine, which can provide treatment facilities for different ailments and complications. Homoeopathy is already taught (up to Diploma Level) and practiced under the supervision of National Council for Homoeopathy and Federal Ministry of Health. Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medical Sciences (BHMS) Degree Course will offer highly skilled professionals to this alternative system of medicine for the needs and requirements in healthcare of our masses. Following are the objectives of teaching Homoeopathy at Graduation level. Main objective of this course is to produce graduates with knowledge of classical homeopathy with latest technology and modern methods to approach diseases. To deliver the graduates adequate theoretical knowledge, practical skills and clinical understanding to make them able to diagnose various health problems and design the plan of treatment according to Homoeopathic System of Medicine. To make the BHMS graduates able to plan and execute research programs aimed at solving the health problems of our country. To make the graduates able to demonstrate their professional responsibilities in the best interest of the patients, implementing preventive and curative medicine. To determine how certain Homoeopathic medicines may fit into current wellness and treatment strategies. To give the Homoeopathic professionals sufficient understanding of the ethical, legal and regulatory challenges related to Homoeopathy. The graduate Homoeopathic professionals will be able to provide treatment facilities to the population in a very economical way as Homeopathic medicines are cost effective as compared to other systems of Medicine. This course also aims to educate and train the professionals so that they will be competent enough to be capable of functioning independently and effectively SCHEME OF STUDIES FOR BHMS BHMS FIRST YEARTHEORY: SUBJECTS MARKS Paper-I: Anatomy-I 100 Paper-II: Physiology-I 100 Paper-III: Biochemistry 100 Paper-IV: Philosophy of Homoeopathy-I 100 Paper-V: English 100 Paper-VI Islamiat/Pak Studies (60 40) 100 PRACTICAL: Paper-VII: Anatomy-I (Practical) 100 Paper-VIII: Physiology-I (Practical) 100 Paper-IX: Biochemistry (Practical) 100 TOTAL: 900 BHMS SECOND YEARTHEORY: SUBJECTS MARKS Paper-I: Anatomy-II 100 Paper-II: Physiology-II 100 Paper-III: Biostatistics and Mathematics (50 50) 100 Paper-IV: Philosophy of Homoeopathy-II 100 Paper-V: Materia Medica-I 100 Paper-VI: Bioinformatics 50 PRACTICAL: Paper-VII: Anatomy-II (Practical) 100 Paper-XIII: Physiology-II: (Practical) 100 Paper-IX: Materia Medica-I (Practical/Viva) 50 Paper-X: Bioinformatics (Practical) 50 TOTAL: 850 BHMS THIRD YEARTHEORY: SUBJECTS MARKS Paper-I: Pathology 100 Paper-II: Microbiology and Parasitology 100 Paper-III: Pharmacognosy 100 Paper-IV: Homoeopathic Pharmacy 100 Paper-V: Philosophy of Homoeopathy-III 100 Paper-VI: Materia Medica-II 100 PRACTICAL: Paper-VII: Pathology (Practical) 100 Paper-VIII: Microbiology and Parasitology (Practical) 100 Paper-IX: Pharmacognosy (Practical) 100 Paper-X: Homoeopathic Pharmacy (Practical) 100 Paper-XI: Materia Medica-II (Practical/Viva) 50 TOTAL: 1050BHMS FOURTH YEARTHEORY: SUBJECTS MARKS Paper-I: Gynecology and Obstetrics 100 Paper-II: Materia Medica-III 100 Paper-III: Ophthalmology and E.N.T. 100 Paper-IV: Psychology and Psychiatry 100 Paper-V: Forensic Medicine and Toxicology 100 Paper-VI: Pediatrics 100 Paper-VII: Homoeopathic Therapeutics-I 100 PRACTICAL AND CLINICAL: Paper-VIII: Gynecology and Obstetrics (Practical) 100 Paper-IX: Materia Medica-III (Practical/Viva) 50 Paper-X: Ophthalmology and E.N.T (Clinical) 50 Paper-XI: Pediatrics (Clinical) 50 Paper-XII: Homeopathic Therapeutics-I (Practical/Viva) 50 TOTAL: 1000 BHMS FINAL YEAR THEORY: SUBJECTS MARKSPaper-I: Clinical Methods and Diagnostics 100 Paper-II: Case Taking & Repertorization 100 Paper-III: Materia Medica-IV 100 Paper-IV: Homoeopathic Therapeutics-II 100 Paper-V: Surgery 60 Paper-VI: Preventive and Community Medicine 100 PRACTICAL AND CLINICAL: Paper-VII: Clinical Methods & Diagnostics (Clinical) 50 Paper-VIII: Case Taking & Repertorization (Practical) 50 Paper-IX: Materia Medica-IV (Practical/Viva) 50 Paper-X: Homoeopathic Therapeutics-II (Practical/Viva) 50 Paper-XI: Surgery (Practical) 40 Paper-XII: Practical and Community Based Training 100 TOTAL: 900 TOTAL MARKS OF STUDY COURSE 4700 50=4750 NOTE: the students taking the projects will be evaluated in the relevant practical (Homoeopathic Materia Medica, Homoeopathic Therapeutics or Case Taking and Repertorization) by the external examiner. The total marks of each of the project will be 50. TEACHING METHODOLOGY:Teacher of each subject will assign a topic to the students. They will get the information from library/internet etc and an interactive session of the students will be conducted in the presence of teacher For more information contact 03008391413!/profile.php?id=100001392040359&v=info Views: 865